Author Topic: Guides for the The (Construction Design and Management) Regulations 2015  (Read 5399 times)

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The HSE is considering issuing an ACOP for construction sites. Previous guidance on appropriate fire safety standards for construction sites is given in the following publications:

1. The Health & Safety Executive's HS(G) 168 publication 'Fire Safety in Construction Work. This guidance you can download from the HSE website and use by most enforcers at least until the new ACOP arrives.

2. The Loss Prevention Council's 'Code of Practice for Fire Prevention on Construction Sites' The Code is widely used by insurers for construction sites, and where it has been applied fire safety standards may be considered adequate. Officers should be prepared to use their professional judgment and common sense to ensure adequate standards of fire safety are met. The regulations only require a standard, which is "suitable and sufficient", i.e. one that is appropriate in the circumstances. The standards required will need to be kept under review by the site operator as circumstances on a construction site are subject to constant change.

I read the above the other day, has anybody heard about the new HSE ACOP and will it replace The 2010 HS(G) 168. I have a copy of the 9th edition of LPC COP which I believe is current.
All my responses only apply to England and Wales and they are an overview of the subject, hopefully it will point you in the right direction and always treat with caution.