Author Topic: Urgent DSEAR help required  (Read 13669 times)

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Urgent DSEAR help required
« on: October 31, 2018, 02:23:15 PM »
I am asking for some help regarding a friend and his family who have exchanged contracts on a house locally.  They purchased the house from plan and are supposed to move in within the next three weeks.
Unbeknown to them at the time, there is a gas governor located on the boundary of the plot. On the roof of the structure are vent pipes and on the front door an ATEX warning sign stating that no works allowed within 10m of the structure to commence without ringing the emergency number.
I have had a look and the house (not the boundary) is 3.6m from the governor, this to me puts the house within a Zone 1 extent which from my knowledge is a no-no.
They have previously spoken to the developer and they have told them there are no issues with this distance and his family are not at risk.
Then the gas network supplier was contacted who said they had sent a subcontract consultant in to look at the zone extents and it was within guidelines, they were then informed that I have measured it with a calibrated laser measuring device and they have now changed their tune!
The latest update he has given me is that the gas network supplier is re-drawing the zone extents and trying to move the vent pipes (which cannot be done as they are on the furthest side from the house) and change the caps on the pipes to reduce this further. From my experience, I was not aware that you could reduce a zone extent by two thirds by just changing the pipe heads.
He has asked me to ask any of you DSEAR experienced guys on what he should do next? He has around 3 weeks before moving in and his wife is frightened of moving in next to this thing, been lied to by various agencies and are at their wits end.
The other question is who is at fault, the developer for not phoning the number or the local building control for not identifying this and approving planning permission?
p.s. recently a non ex-rated street light had been fitted within 12?? of the structure!
Thanks in advance Jasp