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Can sliding doors be used as final exit doors
« on: June 07, 2019, 12:59:54 PM »
I apologise if this subject has been answered previously but would appreciate opinions.

I have a situation, whereby sliding doors have been requested to replace the outward opening final exit doors, serving a relatively large lecture theatre (200 person occupancy).
On previous occasions, where sliding doors are the final exit doors, I have requested the doors incorporate a breakout facility. I am aware of the guidance in BS 9999: (power-operated or manually operated sliding doors, except those designed to fail open on loss of power or that can break open from any position throughout their operating parameters (see BS 7273-4)).
It is my understanding, exit doors serving rooms with a large occupancy should be capable of being released under pressure (eg the sort of scrum which occurs when people are in a hurry to leave).

My concern is, that pressure applied to a sliding door when it is traversing will cause the door to stop mid point. If more pressure is applied by further people joining the queue the more the door will be jammed. The situation is likely to result in a reduced available exit width.

My question is simply would you permit sliding doors as the final exit without the breakout facility?
Your views and opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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