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Maisonette Apartments & Lobby Protection
« on: February 27, 2024, 10:20:23 PM »
I have a very small building conversion 2 storeys + basement.
The basement is accessed from external stairs only and is used for bike storage and utilities.
The ground floor has 3no. 1 bed apartments with independent direct external access to each.
The first floor has with 3no. 1bed maisonette apartments - each with a second floor at a height above ground of approximately 5.4m.
The maisonettes have an 'entrance lobby' separated from a kitchen and lounge at entrance level - but with entrance lobby stairs open to a first floor open plan bedroom at upper level.
Client is keen not to encroach on the stairs / bedroom with walls in an attempt to keep feature roof trusses exposed.
Normal practice would be to enclose the stairs to leave a protected lobby where you might have several bedrooms - but in this instance it is only 1 bedroom.

The building is very small and a common landing at first floor level discharges direct via a single flight of stairs to the ground level final exit.
The stairs are within 4.5m of the apartment entrances and the landing has an opening vent which could be automatic if required.
Again, normal practice is to have a lobbied stair but the ABD & BS examples all illustrate apartments on each level (above and below) so requirement for stair lobby protection is understandable - less so if the apartments are all on a single level.

Appreciate any thoughts on possible solutions with enhanced detection or venting?

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