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I was wondering if anyone could help or provide some pointers, I am trying to become a member of the IFE, whilst I can obtain one reference from a current member I have been struggling to get the 2nd reference. I contacted my local IFE branch but they have asked me to complete a 500 word personal statement and provide evidence of training and experience. Whilst I am comfortable to provide training evidence and experience I am struggling to produce the 500 word statement as I am not sure how to set it out.

Is this normal when trying to gain membership as when checking on the IFE web page this is a requirement for a fellow and I am not going for that level of membership.

any help would be appreciated

Jason T

John Webb:
I would suggest you need to think in terms, perhaps, of an 'extended CV' in which you give more details about your appropriate training and experiences in fire-related matters. You could do this either in chronological order of training/experiences (most common in CVs) or by subject matter if you've worked in different areas at various times.

Hope this helps.

What level of membership are you going for, Jason?

Thanks for the pointer, I will look to go down the C.V type route and list my qualifications and experience.

In terms of membership level, I called the membership team and when I explained my background and experience the lady suggested I go for membership level, however I do not think this is the level for me. My background is 20yrs Health & Safety, IOSH chartered. In terms of fire training I attended an IFE accredited 3 day course in 2006, Fire service fire risk assessor course in 2006 and the Colin Todd 5 day course in 2016, In between I have completed over 50 fire risk assessments for Industry / Local Authority Premises, schools, offices, nursing homes, specialist schools, etc. obviously there is more but I wont bore you.

I thought I would apply and the panel would decide?


The reason I asked is, if you might be up for Member, then go on the IFE website and look for the document "IPD requirements for member grade" -

If you tweak your report so that it demonstrates (so far as it can) compliance with those requirements, then you shouldn't go far wrong...


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