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Grenfell Tower Inquiry

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I am sure many members will be intrested in the Grenfell Inquiry which has now started. On each day of hearings, the transcript and evidence considered will be published on the Inquiry?s website unless any contrary order or restriction notice made under section 19 of the Inquiries Act 2005 is in place. Directions, submissions and rulings will also be made available as appropriate.

This should be interesting reading albeit a long process.

The link is below

I understood that this was taboo for discussion on this forum. Ongoing investigation and all that. Absolutely don't agree but certain forum members and the mod think otherwise.

Not actually discussing anything here on site but inquiry results are important to all and the details given will be more acurate than media speculation. I previously followed the Rosepark Inquiry and it is worth seeing how searching the inquiry can be. Any one involved in any branch of safety assessments should note how detailed the investigations can be and how they need to ensure they have accurate and detailed records of what do or do not do.

wee brian:
just to clarify. its fine to discuss facts. and certainly the findings of the Inquiry and the Review.

what we don't want is wild conjecture that brings the forum into disrepute.

Thanks Wee Brian for that post, the facts are what will be important to all concerned with fire safety and also the results of the findings and any recommendations.

Note that the list of expert witnesses has just been posted and no surprises as to which FireNet member has been listed.


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