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Hackitt Interim Report

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I have just flicked through and it's findings & recommendations seems fairly reasonable and no huge surprises

Any views yet??

colin todd:
Curate's egg, Davey.

Clevelandfire 3:
Overall very good and it will be a game changer - will trigger major changes in fire and building regs me thinks...hmmm now then I wonder if we will start seeing funny things called fire certificates again

It's the accountability bit of those unaccountable in the past which could be the key to a "getting it right first time" approach.

William 29:
Scanned through it, no major surprises really re building regs process, as we have known that's been broken for a while.

Not sure if it was intended but not much (that I have seen) around stay put being safe/unsafe around building regs being reviewed/changed, as was predicted by some of those in our industry.


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