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Liverpool Car Park Fire Presentation


An interesting presentation from Merseyside F&RS about the findings of the Liverpool car park fire about a year ago.

Lots of suggestions in it that ADB (for car parks) is not fit for purpose, and how ADB was written using scientific assumptions from 1968 when car design (and heat output) was entirely different. My first ever car - the Austin 1100 was the best selling car back then - Not much in the way of plastics and insulation back then, and no plastic petrol tanks in this days

Is this another kick in the teeth for the ailing ADB concept post Grenfell as there a lot of similar issues?

Dinnertime Dave:
Dealt with a couple of car park designs in my last 3 years of service.

One was measured at 18.2m high on my initial plan check with 800 car parking spaces attached to a cinema. - The developers response was it's only 200cm you don't really needs all the fire stuff do you and can the stair widths be reduced as we are unlikely to have a full occupancy. Their response eventually was to dig down another 300cm to bring the top floor height to 17.9m. There you go.

The second was to me a little more surprising, the car park was enclosed on 3 sides by a sheltered housing scheme. No sprinklers and no ventilation. Developers eventually agreed to carry out CFD modelling to show compliance. Opensided v enclosed. The surprise was that there was no difference at all. Both were smoke logged within 2.5 mins. Their design was compliant.

Worth watching! I recently completed a electrical safety report for a multi-storey car park in Belfast. Whilst nothing to do with me from an electrical safety perspective, I did notice that the supposed open sides were fitted with mesh grilles which supported the odd advertising banner. It seems that whilst we may learn from real fire incidents, as a society we are slow to respond with the necessary measures.


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