IPD Report - IFE Member Grade Application


Fire Monkey:
Hello all,

I have started my IPD report to move from Associate to full Member grade of the IFE. I am struggling a bit with the IPD report (I am dyslexic and this type of report writing does not sit well with me) and wonder if there is any sound advice any MFireE people can share.

Best regards and keep safe,

Fire Monkey

colin todd:
Chimpy, have you spoken to IFE head office. They are quite helpful. is the actual typing the issue; if so, maybe I could get you some typing support, or is it the content you are struggling with?

Fire Monkey:
Thank you Colin. Its not the typing its the collating of information (experiences and works carried out etc) into a coherent document that I struggle with - every thing takes me twice as long.

colin todd:
Ok, good luck, Chimpy. If you do come unstuck on typing, etc feel free to come back and I will see if we can get you some help. I often think I am slightly dyslexic, though it only seems to happen when I type, so not sure. Anyway, I am reassured the dyslexics rule KO.

Thats a bit bad of you Colin - picking on those who starve themselves


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