Author Topic: Signs for extinguishers and fire call points  (Read 13705 times)

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Re: Signs for extinguishers and fire call points
« Reply #15 on: November 08, 2017, 09:02:13 PM »
You are sadly one of the few firms that carry any foam concentrate - the increasing majority of service providers replace rather than refill so the type of concentrate is no issue for most firms!

If you can't safely get close enough to a fire to use a 3 litre extinguisher then it may well be beyond safe first aid attack with any equipment. There is a big difference between the test fire in the well ventilated high ceiling lab wearing full PPE and actual fires in buildings. The well known Threshers video at the end shows a fire well within a skillfully applied extinguishers capabilities in an area where the heat and effluent output would be damaging and ultimately fatal to anyone trying to tackle it.

Whilst 6 litre extinguishers give you a bit of a range advantage, many potential users in some work sectors object to the weight.

I've users that have effectively and safely used 3 litre extinguishers on actual fires and they are in my opinion fit for purpose in certain environments.

However if you aren't convinced then it's understandable for you not to stock them - as a responsible provider you are right to only supply items you have full confidence in.
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Re: Signs for extinguishers and fire call points
« Reply #16 on: November 30, 2017, 05:31:20 PM »
I agree that fire action notices by MCPs are a waste of time. Nearly all MCPs are on circulation routes or by exits from the building, so who the hell will be stopping to read them? We put fire action notices in tea points and on the back of toilet doors - at reading height when sitting! Seriously - who can avoid reading when, er, waiting.

As for fire extinguisher signs - again, we do not use them. The only exception is a bespoke sign we display above our Class D powder extinguishers (for metal fires) to highlight 1) it is a specialist extinguisher 2) only trained staff should use it and 3) it is not safe on electrical fires

We never sign a MCP. If a person doesn't recognise this red glass fronted box as a MCP, I doubt a red pointy finger sign will help. However, we do sign green break glass door overrides and yellow vent break glasses (again, with bespoke signs), as people generally don't know what they are.

I hate the 'over signage' that you find in so many places. My hatred probably stems from some terrible times I spent when I was younger at Youth Hostels that had signs every 2 metres (don't do this. Please do that etc) ::)

One day, I'll find the picture that I had of a 'Fire Exit' sign screwed inside the (only) door of a toilet cubicle.
What? An evacuation notice? I'm sure no reading required.
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