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Small single stair block of flats in AD B
« on: May 20, 2023, 11:19:10 PM »
A two-storey block of flats recently built (but no certain date) has 5 flats per floor. Single direction travel distance from the furthest flat entrance door is circa 36m (18m/floor). FEDs are FD30s. There is no protection to the stair and a manually openable window. A communal alarm is provided for reasons unknown.

AD B 2019 differs from the 2013 version but says (I?ve deleted non-relevant bits):

Flats with upper storeys a maximum of 4.5m above ground level
3.14 The internal arrangement of single storey flats should comply with paragraphs 3.15 to 3.17. (They all have escape windows). And: A flat accessed via the common parts of the building should also comply with the provisions for small single stair buildings in paragraph 3.28 and Diagram 3.9. A protected entrance hall may be required as a result.

Means of escape in the common parts of flats
3.25 The following paragraphs deal with means of escape from the entrance doors of flats to a final exit. They do not apply to flats with a top storey that is a maximum of 4.5m above ground level (designed in accordance with paragraphs 3.16 and 3.17).

Small single stair buildings
3.28 For some low-rise buildings, the use of a single stair, protected in accordance with Diagram 3.9, may be permitted where all of the following apply (they do).

So, paragraph 3.14 says the flats should comply with paragraph 3.28, but paragraph 3.25 says they don?t need to. (It would help if it said which paragraphs don?t apply.)

The 2013 version is worded differently but stated that the small single stair paragraph doesn?t apply in this case.

Any advice would be welcome regarding whether the block should comply with Diagram 3.9 as it clearly doesn?t.