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To support sales the FIA still advocate them in their latest guidance for temporary use long enough to get an extinguisher, we are the only country that really uses them on any scale and some, like the Netherlands are positively against them after the infamous tests a few years ago where most (even some of the reputable kitemarked blankets as well as the Chinese fakes) failed.

Why get up close and personal when you can be a couple of metres away? I'd have no problem using one but back when we still did traditional live fire training with blankets on pans there were enough people on the courses who didn't like the prospect.
Antony - Interesting! Is there a move to discourage fire blankets as the first means of tackling a cooking-type fire? It's always struck me as being the common-sense way - apply FB, only use extinguisher if fire penetrates the FB; FB prevents the discharge of the extinguisher from blasting the contents of the pan or whatever about the place.
I'm only talking about portables - 1.4L Water Mist, 2l ABF Foam or 2L Wet Chemical. These are intended to take the place of fire blankets for small risks.
Antony - thanks. I'm talking about small kitchens with just a stove on which fry-ups and possibly a domestic-sized chip fryer might be used. (Although regarding the latter I always encourage such places to use oven-bake chips as being safer!) I've never come across such a kitchen fitted with a permanent fryer where a Class F system would be appropriate. Hope that clarifies what I'm looking at.
Fire Safety / FRACS
« Last post by Wdavidson on July 17, 2019, 03:42:54 PM »
Good afternoon all,

Does anyone have any advise/recommendations for the technical assessment when attempting to become FRACs certified?

Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated.

Fire Safety / Gas flues - Regulation 7 (3)
« Last post by hammer1 on July 17, 2019, 10:10:21 AM »
Morning all

Do we know what's the stance on gas flues in relation to materials exempt - obviously not on the current list, will this change as this will have a massive impact of gas boiler installations, not heard much on this as yet so any information would be great.

Fire Risk Assessments / Using FRA
« Last post by lyledunn on July 17, 2019, 08:54:30 AM »
I am developing a relatively small extension to a large pub / restaurant which will allow an extra 74 persons. The building has three final exits two of which are 900mm while the other is 1050mm. If we discount the larger exit, each of the two remaining exits would accommodate around 110 people giving a total occupancy of 220.
The 98 page FRA undertaken by a reputable company has loads of good stuff in it, mostly available anyway in the DCLG Guide. I referred to it as I wanted to establish if the existing exit arrangement would remain suitable for the additional 74. However, apart from the usual tick box response to the suitability of exits,  there was no justification for the total occupancy declared in the FRA of 380.
Local Council has accepted this occupancy and have given an entertainment licence based on 380.
I fear my proposed extension may be doomed! If I push ahead with it and present it to LABC then I would be obliged to point out this apparent error on occupancy. My client would not be well pleased as he would likely end up with no extension and a dramatic reduction on existing numbers.
Technical Advice / Re: Dead End Corridor
« Last post by Growler on July 16, 2019, 10:17:02 PM »
Thanks AnthonyB, just checking I was not missing something obvious.
Seeing as a cooker fire would be Class F neither suit. If it's a container under 300mm diameter/3 litres then a fire blanket would suit, although really the best option is to dispense with having both a blanket and extinguishers is to put in either Water Mist/ABF Foam/Wet Chemical
Fire Alarm Systems / Re: Monitoring Fire Alarm System Components ???
« Last post by AnthonyB on July 16, 2019, 07:20:25 PM »
But some people could die (or more likely you loose more of the property) if automatic fire doors don't close and that's why we have BS7273-4
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